look to nature to connect with your inner nature, find peace and inner clarity.

Just like nature, your body is a living, breathing and delicately balanced eco-system. As a multi-faceted being, you form a whole with one aspect of your life affecting another – interconnected with all life.

We all strive to be whole and have every aspect of our lives in integrity. This requires balancing our physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual energies.

What’s also essential is our nutrition, lifestyle and the fiery  passion in our lives. Our intimate, family and social relationships need to be in harmony too.

Claire understands that you are amazing as you are. She realises the world places many ideals and beliefs upon you, which often stop you from being who you truly are.

Her approach to complimentary health & healing is universal in nature and draws from ancient traditions. Through her studies, she have learned practical philosophies that offer you choices towards more self-care and self-love in every- day life.

Claire supports the exploration of your overall well-being with the enhancement of  energetic awareness, which brings depth into the quality of your relationships and life. Her healing treatments, products, programs and resources will help you to gain insight, become more fully ‘you’ and heal.


 “Your innermost light is all knowing and perfect”

– Claire Lamicela

 The native flannel flower helps us to trust, feel safe and be confident to openly express our innermost feelings.

Women’s Health

Is the way we are living serving you?

Women’s health and wellbeing is a primary concern. Dis-sease begins with feeling uneasy, and deep down knowing that something is not quite right. If you are ‘pushing through’ your daily life, you need to reflect on the way you are living and find ways to support your health and vitality.
You need to truly listen to the signs, signals and messages your body is communicating, and be guided to deeply nurture yourself in day to day living. This in turn supports the state of your present and future physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Family Health

We live in relationship with each other.

Claire’s diverse training and experience ensures your whole family can receive support, in all aspects of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and care.

We do not live in isolation, rather, we live in relationship with each other and therefore, when one member of the family has issues arising, this affects the whole family dynamic.

Likewise, when a family member chooses to attend to an issue in relation to how they are living, this has the power to bring more harmony, peace and joy for the whole family.