10 tips for late summer health

Late summer begins with heat, but is the turning point into the cooler, YIN energy of Autumn.

It’s time to slow down, and begin to turn inward.

Here are 10 tips for late summer health, to help you transition into autumn.

1. Late summer correlates to the Earth Element

The earth element has a dual processing role: thoughts and food. It relates to the Stomach & Spleen in Chinese Medicine and in Western Anatomy, the spleen is equivalent to the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar metabolism.

2. Earth element relates to the Digestive System

The digestive system offers us nourishment, satisfying our needs, giving us support to grow & manifest. Eat organically what’s in season to improve digestion. Use this seasonal guide.

3. Centre and ground after the excitement of Summer

Stand on the earth, draw from its living energy; through soil, rocks, and water. Feel earth’s energy come into your feet and legs, direct it up through your spine, allow it to reach up to the sky, through your arms, hands and out through your head.

4. Earth out of balance – Physically

Physically this can manifest as stomach issues, weak muscles, hypoglycaemia, sugar cravings, eating disorders and poor hair, nail & skin health.

5. Earth out of balance – Emotionally

Emotionally we may lack compassion, be ambivalent, worry and be obsessive.  We are clingy and have a tendency to over-mother.

6. What to Eat

Locally grown fruits & vegetables with moisture and natural sweetness. E.g. apricots, beetroot, cherries, corn, cucumber, peaches, plums, pumpkin. To stay attuned to each season, use this seasonal guide.

7. Don’t overdo it (in hot weather)

Too much cold food and drink and refined sugary sweets can impair the digestive system; don’t overdo icy sweet drinks or sugary treats, as the cold create lethargy in the body and a foggy head, while the sugar makes you racy.

8. As the weather cools

Include warming foods like fennel, ginger, mustard greens, pumpkin and squash.

9. Begin meditation to s-l-o-w down mind chatter

Earth is our processing centre; too much time in left brain activity e.g. planning, thinking, worrying can slow down the digestive function. Learn to switch off, and access the right creative brain often. Try this meditation to reconnect.

10. Be in present moment awareness (No multi-tasking!)

Turn your attention to your breath, and bodily sensations (use the meditation above); keep coming back to yourself and be still and self aware. 

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