7 Key Principles to help you grow your wholisitic business

When ethics, business and spirituality harmonize

Complimentary health practitioners very often fail to establish themselves in the world. So many are exceptional at what they do, and seek to maintain a high standard by continued professional development: however, there is a collision between their values and beliefs, and the essential elements required, to operate a successful small business.

As a Professional Educator in complimentary therapies, I have witnessed hundreds of graduates fail to translate their belief, passion and expertise into a thriving business. Despite the winning business plan they have perfected, they frequently have a conflict between caring for people and equating this into a dollar value. Countless brilliant practitioners are unable to realise their vision in the world, and struggle to make an adequate living.



Follow these 7 Key Principles to invigorate flagging confidence, break through inertia, re-ignite your soul calling, and stay on track in your wholisitic business.


  1. Spirituality in business

Embody your personal values, be fully present and grounded and hold your integrity with others, while being honest and transparent. Daily practises like meditation, being reflective, and fostering inner stillness are crucial. Treat your clients and others with respect, care and love and at the same time, don’t be afraid to reflect the truth about any issue/s at the right moment in the therapeutic process.


A clean healthy diet helps you read your client and others, stay fully present and focused, and sustain your energy. Embody and harmonize both the masculine and feminine principles in yourself and in everything you do. These fundamental governing laws of the universe are replicated in every manifestation in nature and life. Practise social responsibility by looking at how your business impacts the environment and serves the community.


  1. Share your unique gifts

In a wholistic business, develop and share your unique spiritual gifts from your soul and align this to your mission. Growing your wholistic business is one of the most powerful paths of spiritual growth, if you can sustain and evolve through the challenges. Therefore, the tests and trials you meet along the way, can feel deeply personal. I call this the ‘unenlightened self’, that wounded inner child, that goes into old patterns of restriction.


  1. Stay on track

This ‘unenlightened-self’ can take you off track, and stop you from stepping into being a leader and expert in your field. With insight and awareness, you can grow through and beyond these constraints, without unnecessary pain. The more aware and insightful you can be, the more you can stretch towards realising your full potential.


  1. See challenges as opportunities

Challenges are opportunities to grow and expand, but if you are operating from your ‘unenlightened-self’, you will miss these vital moments. Remember, don’t judge yourself, feel negative or project outward: this closes your intuitive faculties, stops you receiving insights from your higher self, and keeps you away from your spiritual, enlightened flow.


  1. Improve your operations

Clear processes help you offer an excellent service to your clients. Draw up a flow chart to accurately formulate each proces,s and show you the links between various elements. From the point at which your client books a session, to the end of that session when you say goodbye.


Utilise technology to improve how you operate, such as a client booking system with automated reminders. Add a document you can send ahead of time, for your client to complete about their reason for visiting and health history. This will create more time in their session for you to consult and treat. Continue to strive to improve how you run your business, so you have more time to be with your clients and weave your unique magic!


  1. Quality marketing

Know your ideal client and always direct your solutions to their unique problems, through quality content. Use email and social media channels to engage and build relationships with your clients and in turn direct them to access your services and products; this will increase your market share. Make time to analyse your marketing efforts.


Ensure you have a website you can update and keep it fresh and relevant. Optimise your online content, as this way a search engine can put you in the top results, when people search with keywords.


Develop your brand to convey everything you hold dear about what you do and say. You need to reinforce the key elements and objective of your business and communicate them to your audience. Every element of your brand, from the colours you use, the logo, the brand name need to reflect what you provide. If you aren’t crystal clear on what you stand for in business, then how would you expect anyone else to be?


  1. Be attentive to finances

Maximise your chances of success by developing a framework to keep track of your finances. Be aware of your expenditure and cash flow always, and keep your business and personal finances separate. Make sure you have easy low-cost payment and receipting facilities set up for your clients, so cash flow is not hindered and can be tracked easily. Hire a trusted accountant and bookkeeper. Set aside 15 minutes every week to organise your finances.

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Claire Lamicela

Wellness Strategist