5 simple tips to sync with summer

These 5 simple tips to sync with summer are easily implemented, and will help you enjoy the spirit of the season.

1. Alkalise

Alkalise by eating  vegetables and fruits in season, and grown locally to benefit your health, the planet and your budget. Buying in season, means the food is at its peak supply, costing less for farmers and their distribution arm to get the food to you. Eating seasonally, means you get the best tasting and healthiest food, with the highest nutrional value.  Here is a seasonal food guide to make it super simple to stay connected to each seasons abundance throughout the year, and sync now with summer.

2. Exercise

Continue to exercise regularly; if activities have ended for the year, try something different, such as having a swim to cool yourself down, or going for a walk in nature to help your body sync with the changeable weather when it occurs in the environment. Exercise in the cooler times of the day, like in the morning or later in the day.

3. Hydrate

Drink plenty of water, as every cell in your body requires water to function well. Water accounts for approximately 60 percent of your body weight. Your individual water needs depend on the level of activity you do, and the temperature of the air. For most people, the amount of water lost per day, averages between two and three litres. Summer is perfect to drink iced herbal teas, and water with fresh herbs, such as peppermint, or fruit slices: this will protect your body from illness and disease,  and flush out toxins.

4. Light

Ensure you expose yourself to 30 minutes of morning light, by getting outside into the natural daylight, when there is a moderate amount of the sun’s rays. Natural light helps regulate you sleep-wake cycles and boosts your Vitamin D supply. It has been found that at least 1,000 genes that govern almost every tissue in your body are regulated by Vitamin D3, the active form of Vitamin D. Sunlight lifts the spirits, as it increases the brain’s release of  a hormone called seratonin: this hormone boosts your mood and helps you feel calm and focused.

5, Meditate

Meditate to reconnect to yourself all year round. This meditation gives you simple instructions, to establish a quality of your own gentle breath. It is perfect for beginners, and uses simple sensory cues to bring focus with the mind to the activity of the breath.  True meditation needs to always bring you back to yourself, and help you develop awareness; it should never be used to escape, or be distracted. I listen to the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation™ by Serge Benhayon.
Happy syncing with summer !
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Pickled Red Cabbage

This delicious Pickled Red Cabbage recipe is perfect all year round, and highlights the unique colour and flavour of red cabbage, while preserving all its nutrients.  It’s sweet and sour, without being overly acidic, stays crisp and bright in colour, and aids protein digestion.

Cabbage grows in Melbourne in Autumn and Winter, but in temperate climates (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide) it can grow all year round. The flavour of red cabbage is deeper and earthier than green cabbage.

Use Pickled Red Cabbage as a salad, or fry to warm it through and use as a side dish.


I medium size full red cabbage

2 cups of boiling water

2 tablespoons raw honey

1/2 cup organic apple cider vinegar

1 cup virgin olive oil

3 fresh or dry bay leaves

1-2 cloves garlic, roughly crushed

20 black peppercorns, roughly crushed


  1. Shred the red cabbage in a food processor.
  2. Prepare the marinade: boil the water, add the honey and stir until it has dissolved, add the apple cider vinegar. Keep olive oil separate for now.
  3. 1/4 fill a 1 litre jar with shredded cabbage, pour 1/4 marinade and 1/4 olive oil over and add 1/4 garlic and peppercorns and stir, then push cabbage down tightly. Repeat for next 3 x 1/4’s until the jar is full. Place bay leaves around the outside of the mixture.
  4. Put it in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator where it is not as cold.

Your Pickled Red Cabbage is ready to eat straight away, but the flavours come through more fully in two days. Keep refrigerated.

3 key strategies to rewire your brain for positive change!

Changes in life are imminent, and springtime allows you an opportunity to change your thinking and being. You can embrace new foundations, and rewire your brain for positive change!

Spring is a period of renewal and rebirth; offering you a fresh start, to feel energized, find balance, harmony and new beginnings.

How do you move effortlessly with change versus react?

You need to understand how to rewire your brain for positive change!

At any given moment, your brain can either support a deepening of who we are, help you be more effective and efficient or hinder new learning, growth and change.


Are you stuck on auto-pilot?

3 key strategies

1. Meditate

Pause to recconect to the quality of gentleness within, and the rhythm of your own breath.
It’s helpful to use sensory cues such as:
  • The imprint upon which you close your eyes
  • Focus with your mind to the activity of your breath

True meditation is instructional versus guided; it always brings you back to yourself and develops awareness. It should not be mindless, or a means of escape, distraction, disconnected numbness or bliss.

Rather than mindfulness, which is very popular at present, this meditation encourages a heartful approach to life. This means that we engage with life with an attitude of gentleness and compassion, and develop a loving quality of presence which is naturally healing for our body mind and spirit

Reconnect to the rhythm of your own breath

Informing and instructing, the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation is perfect for beginners or for anyone interested in developing and establishing the quality of their own gentle breath. This is the true value and purpose of meditation.

 Listen to the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation™ by Serge Benhayon.
When we are present to ourselves and still, we can catch the stories our mind is playing.

2. Journal

Writing in a journal allows you to explore and make sense of your experiences and relationships in life.
Keeping a journal helps you to get to know yourself, and allows time for reflection. In turn, this supports you to appreciate yourself, analyse and gain insight and gives you more choices in new actions or ways of being in life. This process encourages ‘neural plasticity’, helping your brain to change!
Break out of the negative loop

There’s a simplicity in gliding a pen on paper, it just feels good in your hands.

By writing, you become aware of what, how and why you are doing what you are doing. You can identify useful strategies, recognise strengths and weaknesses and ultimately become more congruent as awhole person.

If you are willing to accept responsibility and be self-directed, a keen sense of observation and open-mindedness is fostered.  Reflection allows you to establish a connection between all aspects of your being and life, acknowledge your feelings and emotions, observe patterns of behaviour and thinking, that may be holding you back.

Access your creative side with doodling

To find answers use colour to doodle to access your creativity.

The right, creative side of your brain verus the logical left side of the brain is a model to describe different styles of thinking. By using both sides of the brain equally, you can find an organic flow between writing and images, analysing and creativity.

Another reason to journal, is because it has been found that if we look ahead at a screen this accesses the logical left side of the brain, versus if we look down when writing or drawing on a page we access the creative right side of the brain and in reality we can be 10 times more productive. WOW!

A model that describes different styles of thinking

Utilise your whole brain to move beyond fixed attitudes.

Confidence and assertiveness naturally follows which helps you easily change attitudes, perspectives or priorities, without resistances.  By identifying barriers and patterns as well as challenging your beliefs, you will avoid repeating the same patterns: this raises your conscious awareness and presence.

3. Infinity

Drawing the infinity sign integrates both sides of your brain. The benefits of this exercise, includes enhanced attention, hand-eye co-ordination, stress reducation and emotional wellbeing.
In your journal, use your dominant hand first, then your non-dominant hand, to draw the infinity sign (the
number eight lying on its side) for 1-2 minutes a day.

These simple approaches help foster a more integrated whole you. They are easy to implement and will help you to rewire your brain in an ongoing way to be congruent with yourself and life.

Can I help you rewire your brain for positive change?

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Want to find more balance in spring?

Need to get gounded in spring?


7 Key Principles to help you grow your wholisitic business

When ethics, business and spirituality harmonize

Complimentary health practitioners very often fail to establish themselves in the world. So many are exceptional at what they do, and seek to maintain a high standard by continued professional development: however, there is a collision between their values and beliefs, and the essential elements required, to operate a successful small business.

As a Professional Educator in complimentary therapies, I have witnessed hundreds of graduates fail to translate their belief, passion and expertise into a thriving business. Despite the winning business plan they have perfected, they frequently have a conflict between caring for people and equating this into a dollar value. Countless brilliant practitioners are unable to realise their vision in the world, and struggle to make an adequate living.



Follow these 7 Key Principles to invigorate flagging confidence, break through inertia, re-ignite your soul calling, and stay on track in your wholisitic business.


  1. Spirituality in business

Embody your personal values, be fully present and grounded and hold your integrity with others, while being honest and transparent. Daily practises like meditation, being reflective, and fostering inner stillness are crucial. Treat your clients and others with respect, care and love and at the same time, don’t be afraid to reflect the truth about any issue/s at the right moment in the therapeutic process.


A clean healthy diet helps you read your client and others, stay fully present and focused, and sustain your energy. Embody and harmonize both the masculine and feminine principles in yourself and in everything you do. These fundamental governing laws of the universe are replicated in every manifestation in nature and life. Practise social responsibility by looking at how your business impacts the environment and serves the community.


  1. Share your unique gifts

In a wholistic business, develop and share your unique spiritual gifts from your soul and align this to your mission. Growing your wholistic business is one of the most powerful paths of spiritual growth, if you can sustain and evolve through the challenges. Therefore, the tests and trials you meet along the way, can feel deeply personal. I call this the ‘unenlightened self’, that wounded inner child, that goes into old patterns of restriction.


  1. Stay on track

This ‘unenlightened-self’ can take you off track, and stop you from stepping into being a leader and expert in your field. With insight and awareness, you can grow through and beyond these constraints, without unnecessary pain. The more aware and insightful you can be, the more you can stretch towards realising your full potential.


  1. See challenges as opportunities

Challenges are opportunities to grow and expand, but if you are operating from your ‘unenlightened-self’, you will miss these vital moments. Remember, don’t judge yourself, feel negative or project outward: this closes your intuitive faculties, stops you receiving insights from your higher self, and keeps you away from your spiritual, enlightened flow.


  1. Improve your operations

Clear processes help you offer an excellent service to your clients. Draw up a flow chart to accurately formulate each proces,s and show you the links between various elements. From the point at which your client books a session, to the end of that session when you say goodbye.


Utilise technology to improve how you operate, such as a client booking system with automated reminders. Add a document you can send ahead of time, for your client to complete about their reason for visiting and health history. This will create more time in their session for you to consult and treat. Continue to strive to improve how you run your business, so you have more time to be with your clients and weave your unique magic!


  1. Quality marketing

Know your ideal client and always direct your solutions to their unique problems, through quality content. Use email and social media channels to engage and build relationships with your clients and in turn direct them to access your services and products; this will increase your market share. Make time to analyse your marketing efforts.


Ensure you have a website you can update and keep it fresh and relevant. Optimise your online content, as this way a search engine can put you in the top results, when people search with keywords.


Develop your brand to convey everything you hold dear about what you do and say. You need to reinforce the key elements and objective of your business and communicate them to your audience. Every element of your brand, from the colours you use, the logo, the brand name need to reflect what you provide. If you aren’t crystal clear on what you stand for in business, then how would you expect anyone else to be?


  1. Be attentive to finances

Maximise your chances of success by developing a framework to keep track of your finances. Be aware of your expenditure and cash flow always, and keep your business and personal finances separate. Make sure you have easy low-cost payment and receipting facilities set up for your clients, so cash flow is not hindered and can be tracked easily. Hire a trusted accountant and bookkeeper. Set aside 15 minutes every week to organise your finances.

Wholistic therapies, body massage with essential oils.

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Claire Lamicela

Wellness Strategist

5 tips for springtime health

5 tips for springtime health

Easy ways to cleanse and rejuvenate in spring!

Springtime is a time to renew, rebirth, and energize for nature as well as you.

Follow these 5 tips to feel the joy of spring!


  1. Cleanse

Winter often leaves us with stagnant energy, increased toxins, and possibly weight gain. Spring boosts natural fat metabolism and resets fat burning, so a gentle seasonal spring cleanse occurs naturally, so you can begin rejuvenate this season. A prefect remedy is to eat light and live food with smaller portion sizes and stay well hydrated with warm teas.


  1. Warm teas

Sipping warm teas that support detoxification, like the ones below are a wonderful compliment to support springtime cleansing. Hydration helps to rejuvenate the body and mind naturally.

This seasons Herbal teas are Milk Thistle, Chrysanthemum, Dandelion Root, Rose Petal to rejuvenate in spring

  1. Spring eating

Bitter greens in early spring such as Dandelion will boost liver function, cleanse your intestines, so healthy microbes proliferate, which strengthens you immunity. Next, eat lots of microgreens – seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. Packed with chlorophyll and nutrients they will support your intestinal environment, so new microbes flourish. Finally, spring berries are powerful antioxidants and will cleanse your gut associated lymphatic tissue (GALT), and will rejuvenate your body.

In Spring, introduce microgreens, dandelion greens and spring red berries for health and vitality and to rejuvenate in spring.

  1. Clear you mind

Bring awareness to negative thought patterns and process any repressed feelings and emotions that lie underneath these. Take the time to journal, meditate, engage in art therapy, to re-connect to ‘you’. As you transition into spring, release the accumulated toxins in your mind to cleanse, renew and rejuvenate.


  1. Clean your environment

Your mind will reflect your personal space, so clear out any unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over winter. A peaceful, clean environment where you sleep, work and relax is essential for your wellbeing and will enhance your mental and emotional clarity. Let your home be a place to nourish, recharge and rejuvenate.


“Lighten up,

let the renewal of spring come forth!”

Claire Lamicela

Are you feeling truly vital? Do you need help to re-set in springtime?

Are you feeling sluggish ? Learn how to spring clean your lymphatic system!

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Spring Allergy Support

 Spring has arrived!
Blossoms are on the trees, the birds are singing and the winds of change have been blowing. But along with the warm weather, come the pollens and molds, that can irritate seasonal allergies including hayfever and sinusitis!
Here are 10 key tips to help you in spring:
1. Mould protection is vital, as moulds emerge from their dormant winter state, as more sunshine emerges.  De-clutter and clean, so dust is less likely to collect in drapery and carpets. Remove the clothes and shoes you wear through the day, before entering the bedroom.
2. Pet owners should bathe and brush their animals. This is because their fur holds onto pollen and other allergens that can exacerbate allergies.
3. Move more by adding a little extra exercise. This will kick start your metabolism and support your lymphatic and immune system.
4. Sweat it out by visiting a hot spa or take an Epsom salts bath. Your skin can sweat, which is a very effective detoxifier.
5. Alkalize your body by starting the day with a glass of lemon and hot water. Add ½ a squeezed lemon to hot water to cleanse toxins and add hydration.
6. Eat more vegetables and replace animal products with plant based alternatives. This will give your body a break from acidic foods, and help it become more alkaline.
7. Drop toxic products you are using on your body and in your household, so you are decreasing chemicals. They are loaded with carcinogens and other health destroying ingredients.
8. Vegetable juice daily made with fresh organic vegies, including dark green leafy ones, like kale, spinach and parsley. These needed nutrients will cleanse and alkalize your system.
9. Add immune boosters like fresh vegetables and fruits and foods. Eat live active probiotics, which are beneficial form of gut bacteria and found in coconut yoghurt and kefir, kombuch and sauerkraut. Add foods high in vitamin C like citrus and berries, sulfur-rich cabbage, onions and garlic to boost immunity.
10. Avoid or cut down on coffee, sugar, excess alcohol, processed foods and chemical additives to help with spring fatigue.
Are you emerging gracefully into Spring?
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Get grounded in spring!

Springtime reflects the importance of being grounded, just as a tree needs to be firmly rooted into the earth, when the strong winds of change blow, we too need to be solid and grounded. Changes in life are immanent and if we can move with them, versus react, we will find harmony and balance in spring.

Even through life can be challenging sometimes, if you stay centred and get grounded, the hustle and bustle of daily life will not take its toll.

Feet walking and grounded on the earth

How do you know if you are ungrounded?

You may be unable to focus, have peaks of highs and lows, can’t seem to manifest what you desire in life, have a poor memory or feel disconnected.

Follow these foundational steps to get grounded in spring:

1. Listen to your intuition

You constantly receive intuitive signs daily, but many people ignore them. Intuitive feelings, thoughts and visions are subtle, but they exist to alert us to when our mind, body and emotions are out of balance.

They offer us guidance to make clearer decisions, so give yourself permission to go within and listen to your intuition, and over time you will become clearer. Follow what it says: it may guide you to take a 5 minute break from work to go outside for a walk to ground yourself, or it may indicate the best foods to help you feel more grounded in your body.

2. Accept your life

It can be difficult to accept various aspects of your life, and you can tend to go up into your head and rationalise or at worst suppress and hide something, as you feel uncomfortable. You become ungrounded by not facing and accepting people, places, situations and things in life that we may not agree with.

Healing occurs if you can accept someone or something; you may disagree with the person or thing and still accept. Face and embrace yourself, accept yourself for who you are. This allows you to be fully present and grounded in your life experience.

3. Honour your emotions

We are taught to hold in our emotions and suppress them. If you see your emotions as energy in motion without judging them, something amazing can open up for you! You can feel and express all your emotions without judging them at ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and develop emotional intelligence.

Be authentic and get to know your fear, anger, jealousy and sadness.  As you accept and honour you emotions, they will diffuse naturally and you will feel freer and more grounded. If you repress them they will eventually bubble up to the surface and come out at inappropriate times. This causes upset and we live on an emotional roller coaster, which can destabilise us.

4. Get grounded in the physical world

Nature, nutrition and exercise are essentials to help you get grounded and physically balanced.

Get into nature, place your bare feet directly on the earth and lean against a tree too if you wish. This is a way to fully recharge your body with the energy radiating from the earth itself, as you will absorb large amounts of negative electrons though the soles of your feet.

Nature walks, hikes and overnight stays will connect you to nature too, and balance your mind, body and emotions and reconnect you to your soul.

Direct contact with the earth will diffuse any electromagnetic charge taken on from mobile phones or other devices. Grounding on the earth eliminates any ambient voltage, that comes from everyday power sources. It has been reported that earthing has the potential to treat many chronic degenerative diseases.

The right nutrition for you can take time to discover. You need to use your intellect and intuition to find what brings your body into its natural balance or homeostasis and give you a grounded experience. Reduce chemicals, druge, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and read  food labels. Seek profession advice, but weigh up what you read and are told for a balanced view, trust your intuition to discern what’s best for you.

Consistent daily exercise will help you become more present and grounded. Create a daily routine, as even as little as 15 – 20 minutes per day will make noticable difference. Body movement that works for you, such as simple daily walking  versus sporadic rigorous exercise is better.

If we ponder on the wood of a tree, we see it gives nature structure and shape but does not let anything hold it back as it branches forward. Without this type of change all things would wither and die.

inner clarity. creating wellness

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Energetic Facial Release

What you emotionally feel is reflected in your face.

When you look into the mirror, what you see in your face, is what you feel in your body. The many emotions you feel each day, are held in your face.

You may see the tightness of frustration in your jaw, grit your teeth in anger and hold back from expressing what you know is true. The tiredness under your eyes and around your cheeks, is where grief and sadness reside.

Using gentle touch and massage techniques, you can re-connect to your face and release the held emotion. This will release heaviness in your face and body, and you will look and feel younger and lighter.

The treatments are a way to deeply honour and care for ‘you’, and you will begin to feels more clearer.

A deeply transfomative technique, the energy centres in the face are also cleared. A pure and natural aromatherapy cream is used during your treatment.

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Make the winter-spring transition easy!

Make the winter-spring transition easy!

Simple ways to feel well as you withstand the changeable weather.


It’s heartening to see the first buds of spring appearing, but while the weather is becoming milder, it’s unpredictable. The day may start off chilly, but then be warm and sunny, while in the afternoon it becomes cold again and by night time it’s freezing!


Nature’s powerful cycles can destabilize us, especially the potent force of gusty winds. This can have an emotional effect and we may feel depressed, nervous or experience self-doubt. Spring’s arrival is typically sporadic.

Implement these dependable tips now!

Embrace Layers

Weather the transition by layering-up, so you are not affected by the cold and wind. If you become warm, simply remove a layer, let it be simple and effective. Reflect the new seasons arrival by wearing some fresh colours and patterns. This cheer the spirit and lifts your mood.


Transitional foods

The soundest way to create a shopping list for the winter-spring transition, is to cross reference the winter and spring seasonal produce. Choose foods from both seasons and eat more of these foods.  See the Seasonal_Produce_Guide-4


Metabolism kick start

Due to the darkness in winter, your biological clock urges you to sleep and eat more. With more daylight, you need less sleep and your appetite naturally wanes. Spring boosts natural fat metabolism, which can decrease hunger, cravings and appetite. This will reset fat burning and you can begin to detoxify and reduce extra weight carried over from winter. Challenge yourself to eat smaller portions to support this natural process.



Spring harvest

Eat bitter greens such as Dandelion leaves in early spring. These boost liver function, cleanse your intestines, so healthy microbes proliferate, which strengthen your immunity. Next eat plenty of microgreens – seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. They are packed with chlorophyll and nutrients compared to mature leaves; they feed your intestinal microbes to support your intestinal environment, helping new microbes flourish. Finally, seasonal spring berries and cherries cleanse the gut associated lymphatic tissue (GALT) and are powerful antioxidants.



Top 5 Essential Oils for spring 

These key aromatherapy oils will boost your immunity, cleanse and improve your digestion and help you detoxify: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Juniper, Patchouli. Read more here!

“Lighten up,

let the renewal of spring emerge!”

Claire Lamicela

Struggling to stay well in winter?

With the cold, wind and rain of winter come colds and flu, feelings of depression, aches and pains or dry skin.

Here are some key essential oils that can help you and your family and some simple ways to apply them.

  • Cold –The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory system, affecting the nose and throat, sinuses, eustachian tubes, wind pipe and bronchial tubes.  Anyone can catch a cold, however pre and primary school children are more susceptible; repeated exposure to viruses causing colds helps partial immunity. Adolescents and adults catch colds less. Most colds resolve in less than two weeks without further complications, but time off from school or work is often needed.
  • Flu –Having the flu is more severe than a cold, even though the symptoms are similar. A high fever and chills, often feelings of exhaustion or whole body aches, your head can hurt and your back often aches and muscles feel sore too. Flu viruses are stronger, more infectious and harmful than those of colds. They are highly contagious and can be caught by a sneeze, cough, or kiss.

Essential oils for Colds and Flu are Bergamot, Black Pepper, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, May Chang, Thyme, Sandalwood, Rose,  Rosemary, Sandlwood, Wintergreen.

A healthy immune system will resist the most virulent of colds and flu, however if you are under a lot of stress and/or if your health is compromised, you will be more susceptible to recurring colds and flu.


  • Depression – In winter, less light, warmth and colour can leave us feeling melancholy, irritable, tired, depressed and SAD! If you are feeling this way, it can be difficult to function during winter. If these feeling reoccur each year, you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)Learn more here 

Essential oils for Depresssion are Basil, Cedarwood, Coriander, Jasmine, Neroli, Orange, Peppermint, Petigrain, Pine,  Ravensara, Rosemary, Rosewood, Sage, Sandalwood.

  • Aches and Pain – Managing muscle aches or joint pain requires using essential oils that act as pain killers or move a build up of toxic fluids. If blood or lymphatic fluid is stagnant in and around the affected areas, our metabolism needs to carry away the waste products from the tissues . Then the blood can carry/deliver oxygen and nutrients to the area once more, so optimum function can return. Warm compresses or massage work best.

Essential oils for Aches and Pain

Pain killers – Basil, German Chamomile, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Marjoram, Peppermint.

Warm and move stagnent fluids – Bay Laurel, Black Pepper, Cypress, Ginger, Juniper, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Sage.

  • Dry Skin – Dry, inflamed or  cracked skin is common during winter. If left untreated, soreness, inflamation, pain and infection can be experienced.  Use essential oils in a massage oil blend or warm compress for best results.

Essential oils for Dry Skin are Cedarwood, Chamomile, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Tea tree.


Aromatherapy Applications for the Winter

Choose essential oils with properties that support your intention/s – warming, immune boosting, moisturizing for dry skin or emotionally supportive and uplifting etc.

Aromatic baths are very therapeutic, promote relaxation and a sense of well being, especially in winter. Excellent for stress conditions and insomnia before bed. A soak in a bath can be beneficial for skin and inflammatory conditions, aches, pains, sore muscles, chills, depression and more.

Make sure when using essential oils in a bath that you use only those that don’t irritate your skin,  Be aware that warm water can increase the potential for irritation to occur. Don’t use clove or cinnamon in the bath.

Mix 5 to 10 drops of essential oils in 1/3 cup of Epsom salts, a tablespoons of unscented liquid soap, or a dash of whole milk (not fat free or skim) or a carrier oil before putting into the water, this assures that they will disperse. Diluting the essential oils in a carrier makes them less concentrated. The oil will bind to the salt, soap or milk, and then mix with the bath water. Don’t add oil directly to bath water as it will float on top of the water and put you at risk of splashing the oils in your eyes.

Foot Baths  Dissolve 1/2 cup epsom salts into a large stainless steel bowl.  Cover your feet and ankles by immersing your feet into the bowl at a temperature ranging from 100° to 115° (43° C – 46° C). Hot foot baths increase blood flow through the feet and the entire skin surface, relieve congestion in internal organs and the brain, which promotes healing. This type of bath also elevates the body temperature, relaxing tense muscles and increasing white blood cell activity. Excellent for cold feet and chill blains.

Mix 4 to 8 drops of essential oil into the foot bath. You can also use 1/4 cup Epsom salts with a teaspoon of unscented liquid soap, or as above, a dash of whole milk or a carriar oil before putting the oils into the water to assure the oils disperse.

Shower Create a scented steam room in the comfort of your home by using essential oils in your shower. Place 3 to 6 drops of essential oil on the wall or perimeter of your shower or shake around your feet. The steam will help release the scent. This method works well for sinus congestion.

Warm compress  Get a cotton face cloth to use. Place 5 drops of essential oil in 10mls of warm water and stir. Dip the folded face cloth into this solution and wring it out. Apply to the desired area. Repeat as needed. This soothing, scented compress is wonderful for cramps, headaches, muscle aches and pains.

Massage Create a soothing experience through the sense of smell and touch by using essential oils with massage. This approach is ideal for stress, tension, aches and pains and involves loving touch.  Carrier oils recommended for massage includes sweet almond, grapeseed, sesame or jojoba or for a more moisturizing and soothing oil e.g. for dry, irritated skin or cracked skin, use macadamia, coconut or jojoba for best results.

Mix 10 to 15 drops of essential oil in 2 to 4 teaspoons or 10 – 15mls of carrier oil for a full body massage.

Body Oils or Creams Using body oils and creams protect your skin against the cold and wind as well as moisturize and nourish it. Choosing a carrier oil that is right for the situation can really make the difference. Avocado, carrot seed, coconut and jojoba oil all moisturize and sooth dry skin. Shea and cocoa butter are excellent emollients, while Arnica and safflower oil are good for aches and pain. Body oils, butters and balms moisturise and sooth the skin during the dry months of winter.

Mix 8-10 drops of essential oil into 30 mls cream. In a Body oil, use the same as for massage above.

Diffusers A diffuser blows air with essential oils into the air in the room. Using a diffuser to scent an entire room can remove stale winter odors, disinfect  the room and brighten your mood. Citrus oils are great for getting rid of smells and many other essential oils like peppermint or spearmint can cover up unpleasant smells. Use essential oils listed above for the issue bothering you and create your own special blend by mixing different essential oils together. To create a fresh scent in a small space, place a cotton ball in a glass and add one or two drops of essential oil to scent your personal workspace

Mix 10 drops of essential oil into a diffuser. You don’t need a lot. Alternatively, place a few drops in a vaporizer, to open up  congested sinuses and soothe other cold or flu symptoms. For example, peppermint eucalyptus works well to loosen and clear thick mucus.

Rest and restore by going to bed early and rising late, eat slow cooked warming and hearty foods, like soups, grains and roasted nuts, that warm your core and keep warm and rested.

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