Energetic Facial Release

What you emotionally feel is reflected in your face.

When you look into the mirror, what you see in your face, is what you feel in your body. The many emotions you feel each day, are held in your face.

You may see the tightness of frustration in your jaw, grit your teeth in anger and hold back from expressing what you know is true. The tiredness under your eyes and around your cheeks, is where grief and sadness reside.

Using gentle touch and massage techniques, you can re-connect to your face and release the held emotion. This will release heaviness in your face and body, and you will look and feel younger and lighter.

The treatments are a way to deeply honour and care for ‘you’, and you will begin to feels more clearer.

A deeply transfomative technique, the energy centres in the face are also cleared. A pure and natural aromatherapy cream is used during your treatment.

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