Essential Oils and Bespoke Blends

Essential Oils

Best described as the essence of the plant, these premium oils have been carefully sourced from Australia and around the world by an family owned and operated business in Melbourne for your specific needs.

By using only the most delicate extraction methods, their unique signatures are preserved.  Powerful gifts from nature, they have the ability to calm, energise, balance, purify and rejuvenate.

They will heighten your senses and trigger numerous desired responses to help heal your body, mind and spirit.

The inner clarity essential oil range are colour coded to the energetic frequencies of the body.

A Wholesale range is also available, for Practitioners and Wellness Advocates. For more information, please fill in your details below:

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“Essential oils have become a well loved part of my practice. I blend individualised massage oils for my Aromatherapy treatments, as well as using them as a supportive and integrative tool in energy sessions.  I have loved exploring and using the Inner Clarity range over the past year.”  – Samantha Szargo


Bespoke Blends

Do you need specific support with a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue?  I will create an essential oil blend for your unique situation.

Personal Blends for your unique health needs. Seasonal BLends for your seasonal challenges

Prices on application.

90 minute appointment (perfect for first time visits to Inner Clarity) Please Click Here.

60 minute appointment – Please Click Here.

eye and body pillows

The spectrum healing colours are used to provide colour therapy. They are made of 100% pure mulberry silk which are naturally temperature controlling, breathable and hypoallergenic as well as being super soft and smooth.

As an eye pillow they soothe and relax tired eyes and the organic linseed helps calm and rest the mind. This is sewn into a delicate 70% pure cotton with 30% pure silk cloth bag inside the 100% pure silk pillow; this ensures the perfect amount of acupressure needed to revitalize and freshen the eyes and vision.

Place the eye pillow in the refrigerator prior to use in the sealed zip pouch to cools the eyes further.

Relieves irritated, itchy and burning eyes caused by over exposure to television and computer screens.

Alternately use as is to block out light, rest the eyes and allow a deeper connection to self.

As a body pillow, place over joints or anywhere on the body slightly heated to ease pain, muscular tightness and enhance the recovery process. Heat stimulates your sensory receptors which stops the transmission of pain signals to the brain thus providing instant pain relief, so we can form a deeper connection with that part of the body so it can heal.

Sedates the nerves, relaxes the mind and balances the body.

Silk eye pillows

$35 each


A moldable aromatic dough infused with healing colour and essential oils is a perfect accompaniment to be in present moment awareness. Colour helps balance energy centres while touch and smell are effective in helping many stress-related complain

Inner Clarity 062Inner Clarity 061

Choose from Unwind Slim Calm Breathe Quit Think Travel Sleep Headeez 

$19 each including postage

Spikey Massage Balls

Big Spikey Balls

You can sit or lay on the Spikey Massage Ball or place under your feet and use your body weight to apply pressure to tight areas.

Balls work on the muscles and other soft tissue to reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, increase body awareness and aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

They help to reduce pain and improve range of motion by targeting problem areas.

$15 each

Hand and Face Spikey Balls

Small spikey balls

Used the small Spikey Massage Balls on your Hands or Face to provide relaxation and ease tension in the muscles and soft tissue.

By using pressure and specific movements you can encourage the Spiky Ball to really target those ongoing trouble-spots.

$3 each