Spring Seasonal Health Practices

By observing the influence of the seasonal changes, we can avoid illness.

If we follow simple, healthful practices we can strengthen our body, mind and soul against illness and feel revitalized in spring!

  1. Waking and going to bed early and dressing warmly for the cold and winds of spring is vital. Meditate to begin each day with a sense of connection to yourself and stillness. Here is a simple ‘Quality Building Gentle Breath Meditation I use. It honors that we deserve the time to develop, confirm and enjoy the quality of our own stillness. It was created by my teacher Serge Benhayon.
  2. Release emotions and stress through healthy outlets like being active, so they are not suppressed. Journaling for even 10 minutes per day, writing as an observer, recording your emotions without judgment. Identify emotions, so you can see patterns and make changes. Connecting to your breath brings balance by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing equilibrium and bringing you into the present.
  3. Stretch yourself by reading inspirational words, to help loosen the grip of old habit, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Create healthy daily living patterns, and assert self-regulation.
  4. Cleansing by drinking ½ lemon squeezed in warm filtered water upon rising to activate your liver so toxins are released. Eat plenty of fiber rich vegetables to help cleanse your intestines.
  5. Cleansing Herbal teas have been celebrated for their healing properties for centuries. It has been proven that certain herbal teas can be used as a preventative remedy, for illness and infection as they fortify the immune system and boost health generally. It  also is a great way for your body to gently detoxify, cleanse  and hydrate. Different herbal teas have different healing benefits.