Claire offers consultations and healing therapies in a private, relaxed and deeply nurturing setting.

This allows you to open up and explore anything that is bothering you. You can then surrender to the healing process through gentle and powerful hands-on healing techniques to your body and face.

Therapy consultations are held at her practice or alternatively, over the phone or Skype.  This offers flexibility when it comes to finding balance and re-connecting to ‘you’.

For consultation bookings, you can book directly by using the following links.

To book a 90 minute appointment (perfect for first time visits to Inner Clarity) Please Click Here.

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Do you want to get Clear and Clean?

6 week program

What is in the way of you feeling truly vital? 

Delve into the beliefs and lifestyle choices you are making, to see what’s holding you back from reaching your health and vitality goals. Get some basic markers of your well-being and an accurate reading of your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Receive a unique signature aroma healing blend, healthy eating plan, nutritional supplement check and wholistic treatments tailored to your needs. Develop simple daily rituals of self-care, as you learn to appreciate and accept yourself and bring in your natural beauty.

This program will extend over 6 weeks. It will be tailored to your specific needs and includes email support.

Ready to reset? Book your free discovery call to find out more. Please Click Here.

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Need to build new foundations?

12 week program

How do you feel every day in life?  Do you know there is more?

Examine and bring awareness to deeper, habitual, persistent, and ingrained health, lifestyle and behavioural patterns. Get consistent mentoring over a longer time frame, to help you re-connect to the essence of who ‘you’ are and let go of what is not serving ‘you’.

Commit to the process of your healing with Claire’s experienced wisdom and guidance to support you transform and heal. You will be given a rich, varied and far-reaching practical tool-kit to support ‘you’ for life.

This program will extend over 12 weeks. tailored to your specific needs with resources and email support.

Bonus 1 day program of your choice.

Ready to build new foundations? Book your free discovery call to find out more. Please Click Here.

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Claire’s work

Claire understands that you are amazing just the way you are. She realises the world places many ideals and beliefs upon you, which become embodied, and these can often stop you from being the truest expression of who ‘you’ are.
Your body constantly communicates to you, however you may not listen and you may disregard its messages. What then happens, is that you end up feeling tired, anxious, stressed, or an injury or dis-ease occurs. All dis-harmony that you feel in your body, is an indication that you have at some point dis-connected from ‘you’ – from your essence.
Through her studies, she has learned practical philosophies that offer choices towards more self-care and self-love in every day life. Her skills and experience support the exploration of overall well-being with the enhancement of  energetic awareness.  This brings depth into the quality of your relationship with ‘you’ and also with others and your life.


Exquisite aromas with natural healing powers.  

 Essential oils have a powerful effect on your emotional state, as your sense of smell is linked to all areas of the brain. Essential oils have a dynamic effect on these pathways between smell and the brain, and govern instinct, memory and emotion. They assist in changing your perception, so a positive mind and emotional outlook can enter, which encourages new behaviours.

Rich in botanical activity and antioxidants, the plant oils improve circulation, ease muscular aches and pain. They work deeply to re-balance areas of your body affected by physical, mental and emotional stress.

They have been used for thousands of years for their natural healing powers. Penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, cellular renewal is encouraged and radiant, healthy skin follows. This keeps your body and complexion soft and youthful.

Bespoke blends are created in your treatments and can provide ongoing healing inbetween sessions.

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Massage & Myotherapy

Relieve stress and tension,

heal musculoskeletal pain through touch.


Therapeutic, relaxation, remedial Massage and Myotherapy, including deep tissue, trigger point, lymphatic techniques, aromatherapy oils specific to your situation, dry needling, assessment of your condition and education we restore healthy functioning of your body, mind and soul.

Massage and Myotherapy is perfect for locating and dissolving stiff and painful areas, and a wide range of muscuolskeletal pain and associated conditions, while relaxing your nervous system, increasing mobility & correcting alignment.

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Balance reflexes on your feet, hands and ears.


An ancient natural healing art, reflexology recognizes that the feet, hands and ears reflect the whole body.  Using thumb and finger pressure techniques on specific reflex points, it can be applied to any condition. Reflexology helps to re-balance your overall well-being, clears congestion and restores vital energy.

Connective Tissue Therapy

Restore the natural balance of the whole body.

A gentle, hands-on energetic therapy, Connective Tissue Therapy is an effective and powerful treatment. It works directly with the flow of energy through the connective tissue system.
Connective tissue is our body’s soft tissue framework, and lies within and around our organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones and supports and connects all these structures together as a whole.
Connective Tissue Therapy is able to facilitate a varied and wide array of physical, emotional and energetic conditions, as it combines working with the energetic flow of the body with the mechanics of how the human body works, so it provides deep healing.

Sacred Esoteric Healing

Reconnect to your essence.

Working with the underlying root cause of the ill energy and its symptoms found in your body, this gentle form of hands-on bodywork releases old emotional imprints from your physical and energetic body. It supports you to let go of what is ‘not you’, and to feel the truth of who ‘you’ are deep within.

You are already divine and if you live in a quality that is any less than this, over time, illness and disease will be the result.

Re-connect to your innate stillness and divine nature, and begin to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors that inhibit you from experiencing your true self in full.

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Energetic Facial Release

What you emotionally feel is reflected in your face.

When you look into the mirror, what you see in your face, is what you feel in your body. The many emotions you feel each day, are held in your face.

You may see the tightness of frustration in your jaw, grit your teeth in anger, and hold back from expressing what you know is true. The tiredness under your eyes and around your cheeks, is where grief and sadness reside.

Using gentle touch and massage techniques, you can re-connect to your face and release the held emotion. This will release heaviness in your face and body, and you will look and feel younger and lighter.

The treatments are a way to deeply honour and care for ‘you’ and you will begin to feels more clarity, harmony and joy. A deeply transfomative technique, the energy chakra centres in the head an neck wil also be cleared.  Read more

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A potent tool to diagnose & treat.


Gentle and effective, Kinesiology is a powerful tool that can help you to connect to what is really occuring in your body, mind and soul.  Together, we identify where and why the function of your body is blocked and facilitates a return to balance.

By uncovering the underlying causes of your symptoms we honour your body’s innate healing intelligence and use simple and potent correction techniques from eastern and western medicine.

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To book a 90 minute appointment (perfect for first time visits to Inner Clarity) Please Click Here.

To book a 60 minute appointment – Please Click Here.

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“I came to see Claire as I needed something to help me realize my goal, which was to have the confidence to open up my own business.

Claire was gentle and kind and connected to the responses my etheric body was giving her through Kinesiology, ” which revealed I needed more vitality to achieve my goals. She was able to specifically identify the emotional block that was no longer serving me and needed to be released, give me a precise take home remedy with affirmation and pinpoint the nutritional supplements and dietary requirements I required.

There is something so humble and soothing about Claire, she really is like a tonic that soothes my soul. Her knowledge is so evident in the end result and the personal connection she has with you is very unique. She is such an advocate for you being UP WITH YOUR LIFE and her compassion and empathy is very hard to come by in these present times.

I would recommend this fine healing treatment to ANYONE who wants to improve their life!

~ Raspal Khumra, Holistic Counsellor


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“Love’s secret is always lifting its head out from under the covers – Here I am! ”