I am Woman

Being a woman in today’s world can place many ideals and beliefs upon you, which become embodied; these can often stop you from being the truest expression of who ‘you’ are. Your body constantly communicates to you, however you may not listen and you may disregard its messages.

The I am Woman DAY and NIGHT spritz were born to help you advance, develop awareness and to heal. Through the simple act of using key senses – touch, smell, sight and sound – as you use these remedies, you can re-imprint habitual, persistent and ingrained  health, lifestyle and behaviour patterns and claim yourself differently or more completely as a woman.

A duo to delight, uplift and transform your every DAY and NIGHT, these restorative potent blends of essential oils, skin seed oil and mother earth’s crystals will keep you humming along to the rhythm of the day and transition into a sound sleep. They support your body clock’s natural sleep/wake cycle.

The DAY spritz transforms your mood, energy and body as it balances hormones and digestion, boosts immunity, uplifts and energises, calms and purifies.

The NIGHT spritz welcomes relaxation and rest by reducing mental chatter and fatigue as it calms, rejuvenates and energises, transitioning you toward sound sleep.



The I am Woman duo contain a unique blend of essential oils with pomegranate seed oil and mother earth’s crystals, which interact with your body’s energetic field.

The DAY spritz contains peru balsam, mandarin, grapefruit and damask rose with the stabilising stone of carnelian to restore motivation and vitality. It aids in connecting you to your inner-self and stimulates creativity and supports the sacral chakra, located approximately two inches below the naval. 100ml

The NIGHT spritz contains frankincense, bergamot, spearmint and lavender essential oils with deep celestial blue lapiz lazuli crystals, to awaken intuition and cleanse negativity, helping you go deep within to awaken your divine purpose. It relaxes the mind, enhancing sleep and supports the brow chakra, in the centre of the forehead. 100ml

Directions for use

An instant aromatherapy remedy, shake the bottle, spray above the crown of the head, below the feet, over the aura and chakra’s in an anti-clockwise circular motion, or on the face or spray in any space.

Use the DAY spritz in the morning and afternoon, and the NIGHT spritz in the evening and at night.


Best avoided in the early months of pregnancy. Photosensitive when exposed to sunlight within 12+ hours. May irritate sensitive skin.

The boxed duo set is $69.95 with free shipping within Australia during COVID-19.

To purchase 2 x boxed duo sets, $99.95 (30% saving), with free shipping within Australia during COVID-19.

An individual bottle of with the DAY or NIGHT SPRITZ, unboxed is $35.95 with free shipping within Australia during COVID-19.

To purchase, please contact claire@innerclarity.com.au

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