Make the winter-spring transition easy!

Make the winter-spring transition easy!

Simple ways to feel well, as you withstand the changeable weather.


It’s heartening to see the first buds of spring appearing, but while the weather is becoming milder, it’s unpredictable. The day may start off chilly, but then be warm and sunny, while in the afternoon it becomes cold again and by night time it’s freezing!


Nature’s powerful cycles can destabilize us, especially the potent force of gusty winds. Spring’s arrival is typically sporadic.

Implement these dependable tips now!

Embrace Layers

Weather the transition by layering-up, so you are not affected by the cold and wind. If you become warm, simply remove a layer, let it be simple and effective. Reflect the new seasons arrival by wearing some fresh colours and patterns. This cheers the spirit and lifts your mood.


Transitional foods

The soundest way to create a shopping list for the winter-spring transition, is to cross reference the winter and spring seasonal produce. Choose foods from both seasons and eat more of these foods.  See the Seasonal_Produce_Guide-4


Metabolism kick start

Due to the darkness in winter, your biological clock urges you to sleep and eat more. With more daylight, you need less sleep and your appetite naturally wanes. Spring boosts natural fat metabolism, which can decrease hunger, cravings and appetite. This will reset fat burning and you can begin to detoxify and reduce extra weight carried over from winter. Challenge yourself to eat smaller portions, to support this natural process and only eat when you’re hungry.



Spring harvest

Eat bitter greens such as Dandelion leaves in early spring. These boost liver function, cleanse your intestines, so healthy microbes proliferate, which strengthens your immunity. Next eat plenty of microgreens – seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. They are packed with chlorophyll and nutrients compared to mature leaves; they feed your intestinal microbes to support your intestinal environment, helping new microbes flourish. Finally, seasonal spring berries and cherries cleanse the gut associated lymphatic tissue (GALT) and are powerful antioxidants.



Top 5 Essential Oils for spring 

Try these top 5 aromatherapy oils for spring to boost your immunity, cleanse and improve your digestion and help you detoxify: Buddha Wood, Cypress Pine, Juniper, Mandarin, Sandalwood.

“Lighten up,

let the renewal of spring emerge!”

Claire Lamicela

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